What Points Should Be Considered While Packing the Mirror for Interstate Move?

Move mirror interstate

Packing mirrors, glassware, art, and china items are hectic work. They are heavy, delicate, and fragile thus you should consider packing them with proper care and attention. Also if you have to move long distances, then you should be more careful. A properly packed mirror during transit minimizes the chance of risk. However, to make your mirror journey safe, you should follow some of the points. 

  • Make Use of Good Quality Packing Material 

You should invest in good quality packing material. It helps in giving you the assurance that your mirror will be safe and secure. Professionals use the right packing material for packing your mirror. You will need packing tape, corner protectors, moving blankets, custom made boxes and other things for packing your mirror. If you hire professional movers, then they will bring the desired packing material with them.  

  • Clearly Label the Box

It will help if you label the box with the term “fragile” so that others can also handle it with proper care. It is a good habit to mark the boxes with the object that it has. Removalists will take extra care of that object.

fragile label

You can not be around your object all time; thus, labeling the box with the fragile category will give them the idea that it should be handled with care. 

  • Make Cross (X) mark with Packing Tape on Mirror

Putting a Cross (X) mark on the mirror is effective. Making a cross (X) shape on the mirror with the tape is good for protecting your mirror from shattering. A basic Cross (X) on your glass can truly save your mirror. By utilizing packing tape to make a Cross (X) image on the outside of your mirror, you can assist with keeping the glass from breaking. If the glass endures any harm, the Cross (X) will forestall any harm to the edge. Along these lines, you can supplant the frame of glass as opposed to supplanting the whole mirror. If you do not find it easy to pack on your own, you can contact Orbit Removalists Melbourne professionals. 

  • Cover the Mirror Surface with Styrofoam Layer 

Using a Styrofoam layer gives unbeatable protection to your mirror. You should apply its layer so that no damage occurs. Cut the same size of the Styrofoam as per your mirror’s size and place it on the top of the cardboard. After doing this, you can wrap it in bubble wrap or moving blankets. Doing all these things means that you are placing your delicate mirror in a bundle of cushioning.  

  • Try to Place the Mirror in Custom Made Box

If you have the option to use the custom made box, then you should use it. It offers lots of advantages. When your mirror is in transit, then you should place your delicate mirror in a box, and it will save its life. The box’s proper fitting holds it in the right position, and it will not move from its position. Custom wooden crates are available in the market; thus, you can buy them according to your mirror size. 

  • Keep the Mirror in Upright Position

Putting a mirror on its back or its front puts pressure on the glass. It also increases the probability of the glass breaking because of something falling on top of the mirror. In this way, if you assume that your mirror reaches its destination without any harm, ensure it is set up standing with nothing close by that can overturn and fall on it. With regards to realizing how to ship reflects securely, a smart thought is to put your mirror behind a couch seat that is in up position and against the wall of the moving truck. Thus, your mirror has something delicate to lean against, and it will not move around a lot during travel.

If you have to move a long distance at the current or upcoming time, you can contact Orbit Removalists Melbourne professionals. We have expert packers that will pack your mirror and other objects with complete perfection and attention. Our professionals use the best quality material for packing the objects. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and pocket-friendly moving services and making your moving task relaxed with qualified and skilled movers. You can contact us on 1800 845 100 for any additional information.